10 Most Expensive Watches of All Time (2024 Update)

10 Most Expensive Watches of All Time (2024 Update)

Hallucination Graff Diamonds is currently the most valuable watch model in the world, valued at approximately $ 55 million. This time machine is encrusted with 110 carats of rare and vibrant diamonds. Instead of telling the time, this accessory’s main function is to decorate and create a highlight on the wearer’s wrist, with a small dial nestled in the middle of the strap.

The Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 6300A-010 sold for $31 million in a Christie’s auction in Geneva (Switzerland) in 2019, setting a new record for the brand. This is the only Grandmaster Chime model made of a rare metal, which makes it appealing to collectors.

Sotheby’s successfully auctioned off the Rolex Daytona ‘Paul Newman’ for $17.8 million in 2017. This accessory was once in the hands of legendary actor Paul Newman, as the name suggests. Because the Rolex Daytona series was only produced from 1970 to 1971, it is considered a rare watch model.

Sotheby’s sold Prince Mohammed Tewlik A. Toussou’s Patek Philippe 1518 at auction in New York (USA) in December 2021 for $9.6 million. The rose gold case material contributes significantly to the high value of this watch model. Only 60 of the 300 pieces produced in the first phase were made of rose gold rather than regular gold.

King Puyi, the final emperor of China’s Qing Dynasty, sold a Patek Philippe Quantieme Lune 96 watch at auction for 6.2 million USD in Hong Kong (China). The yellowed watch face, rusted hour hand, and worn leather strap are signs of time, making this accessory more appealing to collectors.

Christie’s successfully sold the Patek Philippe 2499/100 from legendary guitarist Eric Clapton’s collection for $3.6 million in 2012. This timepiece has 23 jewels and a matte silver dial. The accessory’s standout feature is the classic leather strap.

Rapper Jay-Z drew attention in October when he sold Jacob & Co. Caviar Tourbillion World Time for 1.5 million USD. The watch case is crafted from opulent white gold. The wind-up movement allows for the display of three time zones: Los Angeles (USA), Geneva (Switzerland), and Dubai. Jay-Z made his mark in the entertainment world as a “notorious” watch player with this big game.

In 2012, Antiquorum auction house sold Olympic skiing champion Jean-Claude Killy’s 1951 Rolex Dato-Compax Chronograph watch for $614,500. Jean-Claude Killy has also made a name for himself as a brand ambassador for Rolex luxury watches for the past 40 years. Photo credit: Antiquorum.

At an auction in New York (USA) in 2005, the Omega Museum in Bienne (Switzerland) accepted a price of 420,000 USD for former US President John F. Kennedy’s Omega Ultra Thin OT3980. This 18K gold accessory was given to Kennedy by a friend before the 1960 presidential election.

Kim Kardashian paid 379,500 USD in 2017 at an auction held by Christie’s in New York (USA) for Jackie Kennedy’s Cartier Tank Française watch, wife of former US President John F. Kennedy. The watch model features typical Cartier details such as a square dial, Roman hour markers, and blue sword-shaped hands. The gold watch case adds to the worth of this time machine.

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