Vanga – Nostradamus Prophecies About Japan’s Earthquake in 2024

Vanga – Nostradamus Prophecies About Japan’s Earthquake in 2024

At least 55 people were killed in the 7.6 magnitude earthquake that struck Suzu city in the Ishikawa province of Japan on January 1, 2024 (updated on January 3). The earthquake caused massive destruction to homes and knocked out power for tens of thousands of people.

Not content to stop there, the US Geological Survey continued to record at least 31 aftershocks that happened in Japan following the earthquake, including one that occurred roughly 8 minutes after the earthquake and had a magnitude of up to 6.2.

This agency’s experts caution that aftershocks might keep happening for several months.

Many people immediately thought of one of the “oracles” of the blind prophet Vanga when they saw the natural disaster that struck on New Year’s Day. In particular, Ms. Vanga previously forecast that there will be a continuous rise in natural disasters by the year 2024.

The blind prophet predicted that in the upcoming year, there will be a sharp rise in the frequency of storms, floods, earthquakes, and fires, which will result in significant harm to both people and property. Ms. Vanga stated in the oracle that a significant earthquake is predicted to strike the Pacific Rim region in 2024.

Therefore, it would appear that on January 1, 2024, a significant earthquake struck Japan, a nation situated in the Pacific Rim. This confirms Ms. Vanga’s prediction.

Even though science is still unable to explain Ms. Vanga’s ability to predict the future, a lot of people still hold the belief that she is genuinely able to see into the future.

This is due to a number of prophecies this blind prophet made about the world that are progressively coming true.

The Bulgarian mystic gained notoriety in the past for supposedly correctly foreseeing a number of significant events, including the Chernobyl disaster (1986), Princess Diana’s death (1997), the fall of the Soviet Union (1991), the US 9/11 terrorist attack (2001), Brexit (2020), and a portion of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

According to legend, prophet Baba Vanga foresaw a strong solar storm in 2023 that would alter the planet’s climate.

Her prediction specifically came to pass in March 2023 when the planet experienced its strongest solar storm in six years. Furthermore, a warning was even issued by US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists in April due to another storm.

Mrs. Vanga has prophesied until the year 5079, when she believes the world will end, up until this point. Even though she passed away in 1996, a lot of people still think that her prophecies will come true.

Nevertheless, scientists did not find much value in Ms. Vanga’s predictions. They claim that only roughly 68% of her prophecies come true. Many of the prophecies are thought to be unfounded, deceptive, and unlikely to occur.

Early in 2024, a horrifying prophecy of impending natural calamities leaves the globe on the verge of doubt. Nostradamus, the French astrologer, is one of the prophets predicting 2024 that never ceases to astound the world.

Nostradamus’s prophecies, which included the COVID-19 pandemic and the 9/11 events, shocked the entire world with their accuracy. Notably, one of his forecasts is that Japan would experience a devastating earthquake and tsunami in 2024. Surprisingly, on January 1, a recent earthquake shook Japan’s Ishikawa Prefecture.

In addition, Nostradamus foresaw two significant natural catastrophes. One of them would result in a significant earthquake in Japan, setting off a disastrous tsunami that would endanger a great number of lives. Moreover, he predicts a massive eruption of Italy’s Mount Etna in late 2024 or early 2025, which would even eclipse the disastrous eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 1979. As phrases A sense of dread enveloped humanity when this prophecy came to pass.

Revealing the mysterious forces that helped blind prophet Baba Vanga see the future and make accurate predictions.

The end of “black gold” (oil) and the rise of the new energy industry was one of prophet Vanga’s 2024 forecasts.

One of Baba Vanga’s most reliable prophecies for 2024 is the strong development of quantum computers.

The blind prophet Baba Vanga predicted that a female infant would eventually become her “successor” and inherit her ability to prophesy prior to her demise. …

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