‘Money Heist: Berlin’ – Netflix’s Top 1 Series in 75 Countries

‘Money Heist: Berlin’ – Netflix’s Top 1 Series in 75 Countries

Even though 2024 is still relatively new, there have already been some intriguing changes in movies. The romantic comedy My Life with the Walter Boys abruptly lost the world championship to the recently released film Money Heist: Berlin as the year came to an end. The well-known “heist mission” series took off right away and became the first film of the year to debut at number one worldwide.

After its December 29 premiere, “Money Heist: Berlin” ascended to the top in less than two days. This masterpiece is currently ranked #1 in 75 countries, the majority of which are in Europe and America. It is also very near to the top spot on Netflix Vietnam.

As promised, Money Heist: Berlin is a stand-alone film project that is not connected to the Money Heist “universe.” The story revolves around member Berlin, the most well-liked male character throughout the entire series. Berlin’s most significant and dangerous theft, involving the use of a magic show to pilfer a 44 million euro diamond collection, takes him back to his heyday in his own film.

The movie takes place in Paris and features an entirely new cast of characters who were all part of a gang of thieves in Berlin at the time.

Money Heist: Berlin garnered a mixed reception from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. While some were impressed by the script, others praised the cast’s chemistry. Nevertheless, actor Pedro Alonso’s acting and disposition allow Berlin, the male lead, to continue to shine.

Alonso successfully impresses the audience in his own film by keeping Berlin’s traits. Berlin retains enough of her well-known carefree demeanor and sunny but “stupid” smile to “carry” the story with many holes in it. Pedro Alonso is as stylish and gorgeous as any actor in his twenties, despite being over fifty.

Even though Money Heist: Berlin has only been airing for a few days, it still has a long way to go before it can win over viewers. Nevertheless, it is evident that Netflix is having significant difficulty bringing the Money Heist universe to a wider audience following a number of unsuccessful attempts, such as the prior Korean version.

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