Who is Kim Nam Hee – Girlfriend of ‘Parasite’ Actor Lee Sun Kyun

Who is Kim Nam Hee – Girlfriend of ‘Parasite’ Actor Lee Sun Kyun

On the morning of December 28, Korean media reported concurrently that the police had issued an arrest warrant for bar manager Kim Nam Hee (Lee Sun Kyun’s girlfriend) after she attempted to flee.

Kim Nam Hee is now being held at the Nonyeon Police Station in Incheon, according to sources. Authorities are carefully considering whether or not to apprehend Kim today.

Kim Nam Hee had been missing from the trial without explanation the day before. After hearing the news, the police promptly tracked down Kim and discovered that she was attempting to flee.

Kim Nam Hee has received a lot of press attention recently due to the issue of drug storage and distribution, as well as blackmailing actor Lee Sun Kyun for 350 million won. Kim confessed all counts relating to prohibited substances in the first trial, which took place on December 15.

The case of Lee Sun Kyun (Parasite) being accused of using drugs at the private home of a female bar manager has caused a stir in public opinion over the past time.

Notably, the male actor named Lee was also accused of having an affair with the woman mentioned above. Korean media has announced the identity of the Parasite actor’s lover.

Lee Sun Kyun’s lover’s real name is Kim Nam Hee, 19 years younger than the actor.

Kim Nam Hee is currently dating an artist under SM. Kim is described as not very beautiful but is very good at making cute movements to attract men. This woman also has a passion for branded goods, always wearing watches, handbags… from famous brands.

Previously, Lee Sun Kyun admitted to using drugs during the second interrogation on the afternoon of November 4 but confirmed that she was deceived by her lover. In addition, the “Parasite” actor also confessed that Kim Nam Hee had blackmailed him for 350 million won.

However, Kim said that she also had her phone hacked by a man (let’s call it B) and threatened to blackmail her because of her wrong relationship with Lee Sun Kyun. Korean media revealed part of the text messages between Kim Nam Hee and B, causing a stir among the public. Accordingly, when B threatened, “If you don’t give me money, I will raise another 10 million won every week”, Kim immediately replied, “If I give you money, will you keep quiet?”.

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