Top 20+ U.S Universities with High Acceptance Rates for International Students

Top 20+ U.S Universities with High Acceptance Rates for International Students

You can find a few options for your college list on, which will tell you about several universities with high acceptance rates for international students. High acceptance rates for foreign students are common at American colleges.

However, there are so many options that it is not always clear which schools would be the simplest for international students to get into.

The US has a wide range of colleges, with different acceptance rates. Some of the top universities in the US, including Yale, Stanford, and Harvard, also have some of the lowest acceptance rates for international applicants.

Although a lot of people think you need to go to a prestigious university to get a good education, that isn’t entirely true. Finding the university that is the best fit for you is more crucial.

The good news is that there are many US universities with high acceptance rates that offer top-notch instruction, a strong curriculum, a secure campus, and a safe environment.

By submitting an application to one of these US colleges with high acceptance rates for international students, you can significantly reduce the stress of the acceptance waiting period.

International students frequently have to submit the following paperwork when applying to universities: Application materials, essays, and results from standardized tests like the SAT or ACT Proof of English language proficiency, such as the IELTS or TOEFL transcripts of tests, evidence of money, etc.

The majority of us believe that these are the only records used to determine whether or not an international student will be admitted. That’s not exactly accurate. The acceptance rates of international students at US universities are influenced by additional factors.

Some US universities are required to abide by internal or external rules that cap the number of international students they can accept each year.

This represents 10% to 20% of all enrolled students. Every year, these numbers vary based on funding, academic programs, and other institutional priorities.

The persity quota is another quota that could determine whether you get in or not.

This is the proportion of students from a particular nation or area that a university would prefer to see higher or lower.

It also matters what level of study you are applying to. Local students are reportedly given preference by US universities at the undergraduate level, but not as much at the postgraduate level.

Therefore, entering master’s or PhD programs may be simpler for international students than entering bachelor’s programs.

The top universities for international students have these characteristics in common:

→ more accommodating application requirements for students from abroad. Lower TOEFL scores, the option to exclude SAT or ACT scores, and other changes could be among them.

→ choice to participate in pathway programs. These are brief courses designed to help students become more fluent in English or acclimate to college life in the United States.

→ are found in states that need more people who identify as PERSE.

→ partnership agreements with foreign colleges and universities, such as the American Degree Transfer Programme, which enables students to finish their first year abroad before transferring to a US institution.

A considerable number of prestigious universities in the United States exhibit a tendency to maintain a relatively low acceptance rate for international students. However, it is important not to allow this to diminish your enthusiasm, as numerous universities in the United States strive to accept a significant number of international students annually.

The high acceptance rates of these universities should not be misconstrued as an indication of their lack of prestige. In this context, not only will prospective students be assured of admission, but they will also receive a high standard of education and instruction.

A university with a beautiful campus, more than 100 undergraduate and graduate programs, and the chance to conduct research is located on the border of Kentucky and Ohio.

Founded in 1837, Marshall University is a public university. It is renowned for a lot more than that, though.

It is known for having one of the highest acceptance rates for foreign students among US colleges. 98% of applications from international students are accepted.

North Dakota State University comes in second with a 95% acceptance rate.

The university offers more than 100 undergraduate programs with specializations in business, communications, STEM, performing arts, and agricultural sciences.

Since its founding in 1890, it has graduated a long list of notable individuals, including US congresswoman Ilhan Omar and Humayun Ahmed, the Bangladeshi author of “Nondito Noroke.”

One university that has a high acceptance rate for international students is Kansas State University.

The university has acceptance rates between 94% and 96%, making it almost an open admissions institution.

The university, which was founded in 1863, has come a long way and now has three campuses across the country.

More than 300 programs in a variety of fields are available through this public university.

To assist students in pursuing their academic goals, Kansas State University provides a number of scholarships. Included in this is the prestigious Presidential Scholarship for exceptional students.

The acceptance rate at the University of Kentucky is among the highest in the country at 94%, making it one of the most competitive schools in the country.

The University of Kentucky is consistently ranked as one of the nation’s top 20 public universities.

When applying to the University of Maine, you don’t need to be concerned about whether or not you will be accepted.

Because of the high acceptance rate, which is anywhere from 90% to 96%, it is almost certain that you will be accepted.

The University of Maine has a lot to offer students, despite the fact that it is not one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

In addition to being one of the top 50 green colleges in the country according to The Princeton Review, it is also a tobacco-free campus and has more than 200 student organizations and clubs.

The acceptance rate at East Carolina University varies from 88% to 94%.

More than 75 master’s programs and over 100 undergraduate programs are offered there.

It has won the Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) award for 11 years running in recognition of its exceptional dedication to inclusivity and diversity.

Established in 1895, the University of Texas at Arlington has developed into a Carnegie Research institution. With a student body of over 60,000, including a sizable international student population from over 100 countries, they offer over 180 different programs.

With a 91% acceptance rate, UT at Arlington offers many opportunities for international students. Recent statistics on admissions show that 663 out of 731 international applicants were accepted.

With these impressive numbers, the University of Texas at Arlington takes the top spot on our ranking of the institutions that accept the most international students. if you want to pursue a degree in the US.

Acceptance Rate: 91%

The Virginia Commonwealth Institution is a public research university in Richmond, Virginia.

The Medical College of Virginia was founded in 1838 as the medical division of Hampden-Sydney College and changed its name to that in 1854.

With a history spanning more than 150 years, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) is one of the oldest institutions in the city.

With more than 30,000 students enrolled annually, including more than 1,260 international students from 101 countries, the university draws a diverse student body.

China, India, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait are the top four nations sending students abroad to VCU, demonstrating the university’s appeal on a global scale.

VCU offers more than 200 options for academic programs, including 68 courses for undergraduates, 70 for graduates, and 46 online certifications.

There are 150 different academic fields that students can choose from at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Additionally, 88% of applicants were accepted into the most recent class, making it well known for its high acceptance rate for international students.

One of the universities that accepts international students the quickest is the University of Colorado in Boulder. According to the American Institute of Economic Research, it is situated in one of America’s best college towns and has a larger international student body of 2,900 students from over 100 countries.

The University of Colorado at Boulder is a top choice for international students looking for a well-rounded education in the US because of its diverse student body, outstanding academic programs, and friendly community.

A 88% chance of admission to Arizona State University exists if you apply.

This means that you have an 88% chance of attending a university that has produced many Nobel laureates and Pulitzer Prize winners, over 270 athletic championships, and top scholars for 10 years running.

Acceptance Rate: 87%

Colorado State University was founded in 1879 and is a public research university with its main campus in Fort Collins.

The number of faculty members at the university has increased significantly to over 2,050.

CSU has received significant funding from students and alumni over the last four years, which has helped the university grow.

More than 2,100 international students representing roughly 110 different nations attend the university, which is home to a diverse community.

The University of Memphis is the second-largest public university in Tennessee, with 88 different countries represented on campus and more than 200 study areas.

11,600 of the 13,700 applicants were accepted, for an acceptance rate of 85%.

So long as you fulfill all the requirements, you will undoubtedly have a chance to enroll in classes at the University of Memphis.

Students come from all over the world to attend Pace University because of its convenient location in the heart of New York City. Pace University provides a friendly and diverse environment for its more than 2,500 international students, who hail from 120 different countries around the world.

Students have a wide variety of options to choose from, as there are 135 undergraduate programs and 89 graduate programs available. In addition, the university has a high acceptance rate for students from other countries, with 84% of the 1,620 students who applied being granted admission.

International students who are interested in receiving a high-caliber education in the United States should strongly consider applying to Pace University.

Acceptance Rate: 84%

Kent State University (KSU) is a public research university in Kent, Ohio.

The cities of Ashtabula, Burton, East Liverpool, Jackson Township, New Philadelphia, Salem, and Warren are home to some of the institution’s regional campuses. Cleveland, Independence, and Twinsburg, Ohio, as well as New York City and Florence, Italy are also among the institution’s global locations.

Over three hundred different degree programs are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at Kent University.

The university is well-known for the research opportunities it provides for students, enabling them to advance their education while also participating in important research projects.

Students attending Kent University have access to a wide variety of academic programs, including, but not limited to, library and information science, in addition to other fields of study that are made available by the university.

International students have a high likelihood of being admitted to Iowa State University of Science and Technology, with an acceptance rate of 83%. There were approximately 1023 applicants from other countries, and 999 of those applicants were accepted.

They go to great lengths to convert international students’ grades into the 4.0 grade point average scale that is used by the vast majority of American universities. This is one of the reasons that they are able to accept such a large number of students from other countries.

In order to be considered for admission into the University of Iowa, international applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 or an equivalent.When applying to this university, it is essential for students from other countries to keep in mind how important it is to have a grade point average that is high enough to be considered competitive.

This university accommodates students from other countries in a number of different ways, one of which is by making the application process simpler for international students.

US News reports that Northern Arizona University has a competitive admissions process, with an acceptance rate that falls between 78% and 82%.

An application must be submitted online, along with a copy of the applicant’s passport, official transcripts written in English, scores on English proficiency tests, and evidence of financial support.

Even though it is at the bottom of the list, Michigan State University has a high acceptance rate for foreign students.

Every year, the university accepts between 76% and 83% of applicants.

Applying here gives you a 76% to 83% chance of joining a campus with 26.6% students of color and 8.7% international students, as well as the nation’s top-ranked public university for international education.

For international students looking for a diverse community and a top-notch education in the United States, the University of Massachusetts at Boston is a great option.

UMass is a great place to go if you want to meet people from similar cultural and ethnic backgrounds because it has 2,000 international students who come from over 150 different countries.

UMass was ranked as the 12th most ethnically diverse university in the nation by US News, underscoring the institution’s dedication to fostering a warm and inclusive environment.

The university received 851 applications from international students, admitting 695 of them. UMass is an easy university for international students to get into with an acceptance rate of 82%.

With more than 6,000 students from all over the world, Indiana University, which is located in Bloomington, has emerged as one of the top choices for international students.

It is regarded as one of the easiest universities for international students to get into, with an acceptance rate of 82%. 3,083 out of 3,738 applicants were accepted, demonstrating the university’s dedication to international education.

Due to its welcoming and inclusive community, Indiana University is a great option if you’re looking to study in the United States.

With seven campuses in the Dallas area, the highly regarded public University of Texas provides students with a selection of over 140 undergraduate and graduate programs.

With more than 5,000 students from more than 100 different nations, the University of Texas at Dallas has a diverse international student population. Recent admissions data reveals that 542 out of 666 international student applicants were accepted, giving international students an impressive 81% acceptance rate.

Long Island University, a small university in Brookville, New York, has a high acceptance rate for foreign students. It is a well-liked location for international students, with 700 students enrolled who represent 75 different nations.

Recent admissions data shows that 673 of the 827 international applications received by Long Island University were accepted. For international students, this translates to an impressive acceptance rate of about 81%.

As a result, Long Island University might be a good choice for you to consider applying to if you are an international student.

Catholic university Seton Hall was established in 1856 and is situated in South Orange, New Jersey. Over 60 nations have sent students to the university, and more international applicants are accepted than all other applicants combined.

Compared to US students, who have a rate of 77%, international students have a higher chance of acceptance at 81%. For instance, 602 of the 742 international applicants who recently submitted applications were accepted, making Seton Hall University one of the more straightforward colleges for international applicants to enter.

One of the best universities for international students to attend is the University of Cincinnati. It was established in 1819 and has since expanded into a sizable campus with a wide range of study options.

Since UC is one of the best public colleges in the nation, according to US News, their reputation can help them attract international students. They have over 3,000 foreign students in total from 115 different nations.

Only 1,088 of the 1,365 international applicants in a recent class were accepted, giving UC an acceptance rate for international applicants of about 80%.

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions in relation to educational institutions that have a high acceptance rate for students from other countries.

The highest acceptance rates can be found at Colorado State University. They received 668 applications from international students, accepted 667 of them, and had a 100% acceptance rate.

It may be simple for an international student to enter a university, depending on the institution. When selecting which schools to apply to, be sure to take into account each one’s specific requirements.

For useful information and pointers on navigating the admissions process at prestigious universities across the nation, be sure to check out our in-depth college guides.

International students do not have it any simpler when applying to US universities. The majority of schools admit international students at rates that are comparable to those of their other applicants. As a result, both US citizens and international students may find the process difficult.

No, many institutions with high acceptance rates uphold high academic standards and provide a variety of opportunities and resources for students to succeed.

The lowest acceptance rates in the USA are at Stanford University, Yale University, University of Michigan, Columbia University, and Harvard University.

For international students, the average cost of living in the United States is $16,000-$24,000 per academic year.

Yes, there are many academic fields available at high acceptance rate universities in the United States, including business, engineering, humanities, social sciences, and more.

Some high acceptance rate universities in the USA offer more affordable tuition fees and generous financial aid packages, despite the fact that university affordability can vary.

Students should look into and research the financial aid programs offered at each institution.

Universities in the USA with a high acceptance rate provide students with more accessible opportunities to pursue their desired programs. Universities with high acceptance rates for international students include those mentioned in the article from

For applicants who did not have the best overall GPA or standardized test scores in high school for a bachelor’s or master’s degree, high acceptance rate universities in the USA are a fantastic alternative.

Universities in the United States with high acceptance rates place a greater emphasis on ensuring that students from all academic backgrounds have equal access to higher education.

Acceptance rates are an important consideration, but they should not be your only option when picking a university. Ensure that you also take into account other aspects such as location, programs provided, campus culture, and tuition costs.

Make sure to factor in your finances as well. Some universities even provide generous fully funded scholarships for international students.

International students can find the ideal university for their academic experience in the United States with a little investigation and careful consideration.

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