Top 10+ Most Prestigious Safe Brands In The U.S

Top 10+ Most Prestigious Safe Brands In The U.S

Make sure you’re getting the best product at the best price when you want to purchase a safe to store your cash or other valuables.

The majority of the safe brands on the market today, though, assert that their products are the best and safest.

How, then, can you be certain that you pick the best safe at the best price? KnowInsiders talks about a book that lists 10+ American-made safe brands that are currently thought to be the most reliable.

Location: 11925 Pacific Avenue, Fontana, CA 92337


When it comes to home safes, American Security is without peer. The company primarily offers RSCs and TL-rated safes as its two primary safe options. RSC stands for “residential security container,” which is an abbreviation. They are designed for domestic use, as their name implies. Safes with a TL rating are built to withstand heavy traffic in a business setting, so they are heavier and more expensive than home safes.

For more than seventy years, AMSEC has supplied businesses and homes with secure storage solutions. As a result of their rigorous approach to fire testing, the company has earned a stellar reputation among professionals in the safe industry. The majority of AMSEC’s RSC safes are imported, but the American-made models are of high quality and sport a more classic design.

Safes with the RSC and TL ratings from AMSEC can withstand the attacks of even the most skilled burglars. Both versions are excellent choices because they are made in the USA.

Location: One Browning Place, Morgan, UT 84050


Although Browning is best known for their firearms, they have also licensed their name to ProSteel, a company that makes safes. For more than four decades, ProSteel has been a market leader among safe producers.

Browning safes are famous for their high quality and innovative door arrangement system, both of which are hallmarks of the American-made models. Different security firms typically keep handgun storage behind their front doors. However, Browning’s design allows for long weapons to be stored inside the door.

In the United States, Browning’s custom gun safe is very popular and their safes in general are fireproof. Their fireboards are designed to fit together like puzzle pieces. The potential for hotspots in your safe caused by holes in the fire-board has been reduced to a minimum with this design.

Location: 607 Garber Street, Caldwell, Idaho 83605


This brand pioneered the use of a distressed look, which has since been adopted by competitors like Browning and Fort Knox. But the type of safe isn’t what sets them apart. United States manufacturers are responsible for some of the world’s finest gun safes and home safety deposit boxes.

No matter which safe you decide to purchase from them, you can rest assured that you are getting a product of the highest quality.

Location: 1199 West Utah Avenue, Payson, Utah 84651


For over 30 years, Americans have trusted Liberty Safe to manufacture home safes that comply with federal regulations for firearms storage. They are the leader on this list in terms of domestic production. Roughly 85% of all home and gun safes sold in the US are manufactured by this single company. Liberty Safe has sold over 2 million safes to date, with a small percentage of those sales coming from imports.

One of Liberty Safe’s greatest strengths is our capacity to mass-produce safes of uniformly high quality. Their skilled workers allow them to produce 700 safes each and every day.

Address: Vault Pro, Inc.13607 Pumice St.Santa Fe Springs, CA, 90670


The remarkably tight seals on Vault Pro’s doors and a few notable paintings set it apart. They charge a bit more than is strictly necessary, but their products are undeniably of high quality. The company makes the best home safes in the country.

More than a dozen technological and industrial concepts are evaluated by Vault Pro before being selected as the best fit for their purpose in terms of quality, performance, and cost.

Address: 37 N Orange Ave Ste 800 Orlando, FL, 32801-2450 United States


The Vaultek company hasn’t been around for very long, but they’ve already become a leader in the security of cutting-edge gun safes. One of their more recent options, the LifePod, applies what they’ve learned from their gun safes to create something that anyone can use. The new Luxe Blue color is also available in these American-made home safes!

If you don’t mind the technical side of things, Vaultek’s products are excellent and might be ideal for you. Vaultek offers some more basic versions of their products without Bluetooth or wifi if you like what they have to offer but don’t need those extra technological features.

Address: 37 N Orange Ave Ste 800 Orlando, FL, 32801-2450 United States


Location: 993 North Industrial Park Rd.Orem, UT 84057


For more than three decades, Fort Knox has been among the top producers of American safes. This business also performs high-quality construction. For instance, an area that is frequently weak on safe bodies is strengthened using interior and exterior welds. Fire protection is also given priority at Fort Knox. Their safes have two different door seals that cooperate to shield your belongings from heat and smoke. They also have precise fire-board cuts for better coverage.

Steel liners are one of their defining characteristics. Spending more to add additional steel layers to your safe is an option. Fire and burglary resistance are subsequently enhanced. One of the best lifetime guarantees in the industry is offered by Fort Knox and covers the entire safe, including the body, lock, and handle.

Location: 611 Williams Ave Shenandoah, VA, 22849-1144 United States


The manufacturer of Tactical Walls safes is not your typical one. These distraction safes are reasonably priced and quite attractive, made by this company. They create the Issue Box, which is crucial when you’re in trouble, as well as a stunning clock with a pistol hidden beneath the face. The safes made by Tactical Walls don’t have a fire rating, but they do have a custom design and are constructed from the highest-grade materials.

Location: 6317 NE 63rd Street, Vancouver, WA 98661 (Portland, Oregon Metropolitan Area)


Despite being a lesser-known brand on the market, Tracker Safe provides an exceptional value to steel ratio. They are available at Home Depot and Lowes, but unlike many other gun safes sold at big box stores, they are of the highest quality.

The unique feature of this brand is that, although they do import safes into the country, the locking mechanism is installed after the safe gets there. This suggests that one of the product’s most crucial components—the one that must be the most reliable—is under the quality control of a person who is involved in it.

Location: 2895 W. Capovilla Avenue, Suite 140, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119


Cannon Safe creates comprehensive gun safes and safe storage options for homes. They have dedicated themselves to creating the best safes currently on the market to safeguard your most priceless possessions since 1965. Cannon can provide more security at a lower cost than other secure suppliers, so you can rely on them. After all, Cannon Safe has been offering security for more than 50 years.

Products from Cannon are made to fit into any lifestyle and daily routine. Cannon can meet all of your needs, whether you require a gun safe, a safe for your home office, or a regular home safe.

Location: 2030 S. Sarah, Fresno, CA. 93721 , 800-262-0023


The Sturdy Safe Company is very open about the processes used to create its goods. Many videos demonstrating how durable their products are can be found on the company website or their youtube channel.

The uselessness of both manual and mechanical pry attacks as well as bolt manipulation against these safes is demonstrated. There is a testimonial from a customer on the website in addition to a very informative page about how the safes are protected from fire damage. Stan, a customer of Sturdy safes, had his home destroyed in a fire that raged for an hour and 20 minutes.

If anecdotal evidence is insufficient (which it shouldn’t be), Sturdy’s website is filled with details about the design and dimensions of the steel it uses. The safe body is made of steel that is between a gauge of 6 and 7 at its thinnest point. The steel stress test videos will convey more information than steel content numbers ever could. The business sells a variety of safe models and also creates custom safes.

Every safe is made entirely in America and goes above and beyond UL safety standards. All safes also come with a lifetime warranty, as if that weren’t enough.

Location: 9612 Beverly road, Pico Rivera, CA. 90660


Since its establishment in 1996, Homeland Security Safe Co. has produced wall safes, depository safe boxes, and small office safes. They offered a full line of gun safes and vault doors in the year 2000. Homeland has emerged as one of the top manufacturers in the gun safe sector in recent years.

On the most affordable models, the safe’s fireproofing will keep your valuables safe for 45 minutes at a maximum temperature of 1500o Fahrenheit (816o Celsius). The safes can withstand a peak temperature of 2300°F (1260°C) for 60 minutes with customization or in more expensive models. Additionally, the safe’s anti-pry construction makes it more difficult for thieves to use leverage to open the door.

Customer service is highly praised in reviews of Homeland Security safes. One client claimed that they would send him updates and pictures of the production process on a regular basis. If you want to buy a custom safe, which Home Security does offer, customer service will be crucial. You can even view the custom designs they’ve created for customers on their Facebook page. Designs include 49s, Dodgers, and Sons of Anarchy. Their high-security safes range in price from $1,099 to more than $2,000 depending on customization, added features, and larger sizes.

If you want to find a safe that can protect your belongings from burglars as well as fire, you shouldn’t go for the least expensive option. You need to give careful consideration to the cost of the safe in conjunction with its various safety features in order to select the option that most closely satisfies your requirements.

Find safe manufacturers in the United States who have a good reputation and can meet your requirements for a durable and secure safe.

Avoid purchasing a safe if your safety is a priority. Put money into a safe. Invest in a high-quality product that will effectively protect your home by paying a little more.

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