Top 10 Best Descriptive Essays on Animals for Children

Top 10 Best Descriptive Essays on Animals for Children

In the animal world, whether it is a domestic animal or a wild animal from the green forest, each animal has its own characteristics in terms of appearance, habits and attributes of daily living.

The animals are not only attractive to adults but especially stimulate the curiosity and discovery of children. Through their delicate eyes of observation, they have shown it through very impressive writings.

Join to read and feel the best animal descriptions written by elementary students below:

I received a very adorable and lovely cat from my grandmother for my sixth birthday. I was so thrilled and happy when I first saw you! I frequently address him by the sweet name Mi.

Mi will always come and rest his head on my leg whenever I sit at the desk to study, calling out “Meow, meow, meow” every day. Every day Mi is attached to me and close to me. The cat has grown in size from the day Grandma gave it to me, when it was only the size of a small bottle of mineral water, to that of a Pepsi bottle.

His entire body is painted a bright shade of yellow, and to further enhance the beauty of his shirt, a few white spots have been added. He has a head that is slightly larger than a tennis ball. Round as marbles and as bright as headlights are the eyes. The nose is pink and perpetually wet, like someone who has a runny nose. Your ear is so young!

He can tell what it is and whether it needs to be solved with just a little noise. His nose and ears serve as a radar to find cunning or destructive rats stealing people’s rice. An opaque white scarf is wrapped around Mi’s neck. He had four short legs relative to his height, but he ran very quickly. There is a layer of thick, smooth, pale pink flesh under the feet. My grandmother claimed that the meat fragments enable Mi to move silently and noisily, which surprises a lot of mice.

He has extremely pointed and sharp claws. When I was playing with my uncle, those claws once left stains on my hands. Every rat must be terrified when they see his powerful claws, which are also his weapons. He would rub my hand with his head when he wanted to play, then use those claws to scratch it. Wow! How adaptable your tail is! Like a tilde, the tail is impossible to conceal. He just sleeps, the same thing every day.

However, the rats did not dare to bother him because he was very intelligent; perhaps they were on guard, believing Mi was stalking them. Mi Ta simply went to work for the proprietor after hours. He is familiar with all the rat’s tricks. If he spots a rat, it won’t be able to escape.

I once saw it catching mice in the daytime. That rat might have been too hungry to steal during the day. Mi was very good at disguising himself, and he hid behind a broom next to the granary box. A very cunning mouse made a slow attempt to climb up the granary box in order to get inside and eat the rice, with a twinkle in its eye. As if you were sleeping, you remain motionless. Mi ta “captured” the prey in an instant, hearing only a desperate “chick,” and he took it in his claws. Mi released the rat into the garden while grieving over her victory. He let go of the mouse and continued to play with it with his front paw. The mouse escaped but ran away quickly. The rat was probably just terrified to death.

He then relaxed and ate every last mouse, sitting down. I petted him and cheered him on whenever he caught a mouse. I treat him to the best food when it’s time to eat. I seem ecstatic. Mi doesn’t eat much at all; he never has a bowl of rice. He continued to eat slowly each time he consumed food.

I frequently hear people say that “eating like a cat” is acceptable. Mi always eats very slowly, regardless of how hungry she is. In contrast to Gold, my mischievous dog, who eats aggressively. Mi and Vang have a close relationship. They play together without any conflict every day. Mi stretched out all four of her legs in the morning as the yard was bathed in a golden sun, her eyes half closed and beautiful. He would occasionally touch the locust on the face as if he were washing it. Mi always took advantage of sitting on her lap and cooing in the evening after the entire family had finished eating.

I’m in love with Mi. My grandmother gave me a memento named Mi, which is also a member of my family’s “mice-killer” clan. In the fight against rats, you greatly assist my family. Since Mi arrived, my family has stopped being concerned about rats. When my grandmother gave Mi to me, she advised me to treat Mi well and play with Mi happily.

I have a lot of animals in my home, but my dog Lu Lu is the most perceptive and devoted to me.

Lu Lu, who shares the same age as her younger sister and was brought into the family when she was a baby, is currently 2 years old.

The dog was incredibly timid when he first arrived at the house, probably having just spent some time away from his mother. Everyone just hung out in the kitchen corner, afraid to move or run. Lu Lu started to become more confident after a while as she grew accustomed to everyone in the family. On the porch, Dad built Lu Lu a tiny cottage and lined it with some warm fabric. Lu Lu appeared to enjoy the cage a lot because it kept coming out and going back in like it was nothing at all.

I have no idea what breed Lu Lu’s golden coat belongs to. The size of 2-year-old Lu Lu does not make up for her previous fragility and diminutiveness. Lu Lu is about 15 kg in weight. He is very gentle with those in the house, but he is very fierce with outsiders. His pink tongue protrudes out all day to breathe, and his teeth are white and sharp. The ears that pick up on strange noises will reactivate. Every time she pats her head or plays with it, the tail curls up and down.

Lu Lu is extremely intelligent; after some time, she can comprehend anything. He always waits for the feeder to finish before eating, never eats awkwardly, and knows where to use the bathroom. Not only that, but Lu Lu can also walk on two legs like a circus dog.

Because Lu Lu is excellent at catching mice, and despite the fact that rats are destructive, they never dare to enter my home, there are never any mice. Catch is Lu Lu’s preferred game to play. He chases after me with a very excited face every time I run.

Lu Lu silently monitored the family’s sleep at night after everyone had gone to bed. My entire family adores him. Lu Lu develops strong attachments to people. Lu Lu has been a crucial part of the family for a very long time.

Just blushing, the East. The morning mist was abruptly dispelled by a sharp, powerful crowing. It is my beloved rooster’s distinctive crowing.

My chickens number in the dozens, but only my uncle is unique. He’s a mixed-breed chicken, huge and powerful like a great wrestler.

He had a purple shirt on. Blue is intermingled throughout the wings and tail. The chicken’s head is the size of your fist, and its red crest resembles a little crown. the size of two longan beads for the eyes. Beak color is a dark yellow. His spurs are pointy and sharp, and his legs are saffron-colored.

The fowl had two wings that were as massive as two enormous electric propellers. Although the tail is multicolored, the crescent-shaped black and blue curve is the most noticeable. The chicken’s “beautiful and exquisite” appearance is enhanced by the way its red, blue, and black three-color feathers curl in a pattern.

The rooster may have the most forgiving nature when it comes to chicken-related activities. My uncle would hurry to the yard if I spilt food, but I never saw him get into a fight. He also gave the young chicks five and seven, even with tasty bait.

This rooster is my very favorite. Not only do you increase the output for my family, but you also serve as a kind of alarm clock, waking everyone up early so they can get to work and us kids can get to school.

There are several chickens in my family, including a hen that consistently produces eggs and successfully hatches a large number of adorable chicks. This hen brought more people and activity to my garden.

My house fowl has a very thick, brown feather that doesn’t look particularly stunning but is quite symmetrical and understated. When he spreads his wings wide and flaps, his wings are like a fan that blows away the tiny heaps of humus. Her wings’ feathers are not as soft as those on her body and neck, but they are very robust. garden.

The hen is not as tall as the roosters, but her body is very heavy from many incubations and egg-layings.

Lightly walking on short legs. Dream hens are significantly smaller than roosters but still have red crests on their heads. That characteristic, according to my father, separates the two species of chickens.

My hens work extremely hard and are constantly hunting for food. The dreamer visits the garden each day to gather the rice grains and earthworms that have fallen to the ground. She worked so hard, and it showed in my garden.

In the cozy and secure nest her mother built for her, the hen produces a tiny egg each day. The hen begins day and night to utilize her warmth to incubate the eggs until they hatch into brand-new, adorable chicks when there are just enough eggs—roughly 15 to 20 eggs. The new hen may occasionally leave the cage to take a sip of food and drink water before rejoining the brood.

The hen becomes a mother once the eggs hatch into adorable chicks. She always took her cubs with her when she went looking for food or to sleep in the barn. He teaches the chicks how to find bait while they are in search of food, and upon their return to the coop, the dream hen opens her wings and welcomes them into her lap. The dream hen is prepared to stretch her wings and fluff her feathers to defend her brood when they are tormented by other large roosters.

I was moved to tears as I saw the picture of the mother hen guarding and protecting her cubs. That picture makes me think of my mother, who was always looking after my sisters’ needs, from food to sleep. I adore my hen because she is not only dedicated and hardworking in the kitchen, but also incredibly gentle, always taking good care of her little children.

My hen successfully hatched a flock of extremely adorable chicks a few weeks ago.

They were just eggs the day before, still within their mother’s womb, but today they are chicks that forage for nourishment. It was really entertaining to watch them look for food.

There are a total of eight chickens. How lovely they appear! Each of them was dressed in a short, shining golden coat that gave the impression of amusing rolls of wool moving about the yard.

They continue to chirp while hanging around the mother hen’s foot. A child may occasionally become disoriented when walking for a considerable distance. Screaming “chip, chirp, mama, wait for me,” it fled after.

To find food, the chickens crossed the yard and entered the wide field at the beginning of the lane. Once they arrived, they paused to watch their mother before continuing their journey in quest of food. They still appear uncomfortable since they are novice hunters.

Some of the fastest hens catch their first worms because of their speed. People enjoy eating excellent, monotonous cuisine. The smaller hens appear a little bewildered because they are not used to foraging. They occasionally turn to pecking each other when they’re bored.

The mother hen occasionally gives her uneaten chicks a few worms to eat. They adored it, gobbled it up, and admired how adorable they were. The sun had risen already. The luminous land was bathed in sunlight. When it’s time to go, the chicks follow their mother inside the coop.

Although they still appear frigid when you look at them, they are much more agile in the morning. The chicks then called it quits on their hunt.

They will eventually have kids and turn into chickens who teach their young ones how to go on those kinds of food hunts. I give them a little more food in the afternoon. They appear to have developed significantly and currently have a really great appearance. I swear to look after them well so they can produce more gorgeous chickens in the future.

At home, my uncle had a pig. I frequently go outside when I visit my hometown to observe you tending to the pigs. The pig is adorable and incredibly funny.

Uncle selects a breed of pig because he wants to raise it for a very long period. Already six months old, the pig. He was only a young child when he was originally discovered, but today he weights 60 kg. My uncle weighs his uncle frequently so he can assess the situation and provide better care.

The pig is black and white, with conspicuous short, rough hairs and rather numb-feeling claws. It’s adorable how his head, which resembles a little watermelon, keeps tumbling down all day. Every time he walks, his ears quiver like two jackfruit leaves. His ears have a pretty strange way of waving as well, I’ve noticed.

His long, maroon eyes are as black as two stones. All day long, two little pink nostrils snort and occasionally sneeze in a cute manner. The long nose has pointed teeth. My uncle had to use his teeth to bite the pig when I initially bought it, which made him scream aloud throughout the entire house.

The uncle had a rounded figure and a protruding tummy. It is large and rounded. Strong, sturdy legs with four large, robust claws. The tail is not very long, wags constantly to keep flies away, and has a small patch of black fur at the tip.

The pig has a huge appetite. This makes my uncle very delighted since he eats too quickly and then swiftly matures. He would stand up once more, crane his neck to squeal, and rub his muzzle against the barn door’s bar while acting as though he was starving whenever he heard footsteps approaching. He plunged his snout into the food when it had filled the trough and devoured it enthusiastically in the afternoon while gurgling and gurgling. He typically only consumes the morning and afternoon meals, with the occasional addition of additional water spinach from my uncle.

He enjoys eating spinach. I frequently go to collect water spinach and give it to my uncle to eat whenever I visit my hometown. The scrumptious vegetables gave me a great deal of joy as well. He stumbled back to a corner after eating and curled up to sleep. He occasionally waved his tail to fend off a fly or a mosquito that approached him. He buried his head in the ironing wall’s corner because he was so dejected. It’s quite intriguing to see the adorable pig in the barn.

The pig is my favorite animal due of his hilarious antics. I visit my uncle as soon as I get back home. It gives me great joy to watch him mature so quickly. The pig will eventually aid in the economic improvement of my household. That puts me even more in love with him.

On this Sunday, my mother took my siblings and I to the zoo so I could see for myself the creatures I had only seen on television and that had once resided in the lush forest. I’ve been to several animal cages, but the adorable circus performer’s monkeys are my favorite.

The infant monkey sticks out among the others. Golden brown fur covers him. He has funny-looking, slightly ruffled fur rather than smooth fur. His cheeks are sunken and his cheekbones are high like an old man, giving the appearance that his face is practically triangular. His big, roving eyes gave off a crafty appearance. It has a very high, slightly raised nose with both nostrils clearly visible, and it has a very sinister appearance. It has a broad mouth from ear to ear, and as it smiles, the width of its mouth appears to increase.

Although though it often smiles, its prominent jaw gives it a perpetually gloomy appearance. The teeth are as white as milk but smaller than human teeth. This monkey perches on a branch of a tree and has a skinny, wrinkled physique. It is, nonetheless, quite agile. It can swing forcefully and swiftly shift branches thanks to lengthy arms, hairy fingers that are similar to human hands, and long arms.

For the monkeys to play like they are in the forest, there is a large tree in the cage. He seemed to enjoy it while people watched, so he used his talent to perform and amuse everyone. It quickly gained momentum while standing on top of the pool, then leaped onto a limb while holding on with one hand and clawing with the other. I can now plainly make out a red spot under his butt. Why does the cage’s placard state “Red-Ass Monkey” is understandable.

As everyone applauded, the animal grew more and more animated, letting go of both hands and chopping branches off with its tail before swinging downward and yelling “cheep, hoot!” Everyone was frightened when he suddenly lost control of his tail and plummeted, but he skilfully leaped to cling to a nearby tree branch as quickly as he could. He leapt down and put out his hand outside the bars to scream for food since he was bored. I gave him some goodies, but the entire group of buckets took his money. Yet, it moves quickly, always steals the most, and chews everything in its mouth while appearing incredibly greedy.

In addition, the mother monkey was still doing her hardest to agitate the young monkey despite the uncle’s fun antics; hence, it must be his brother. The family of monkeys is also quite lovable. The zoo’s monkeys are incredibly adorable, especially the cheeky baby monkey!

Hello, sweet monkeys, I’m hoping that these monkeys will receive better care so that I may see the naughty, intelligent, but healthy and lovely monkeys once more when I visit the zoo.

My parents take me to the zoo on a Sunday once a month. I never get bored of viewing the numerous odd animals there. But the tiger is still my fave.

The tiger cage is the largest of the other cages and is situated in the zoo’s inside corner. An old tree that grows naturally, as well as fake mountains and even a stream of water, are all present in the tiger cage. There was a single tiger present. The tiger was enormous. Its body is over a foot and a half long and about a meter high. Tiger has short, dark yellow hair with black stripes covering him from head to toe. The color is uniform even on the lengthy tail. The tiger’s huge, coconut-sized head is attached to its body by a short, incredibly powerful neck.

The ears are small and elevated. The eyes are round, lemon-sized, pale yellow, always gleaming, and appear quite ferocious. The dark pink nose constantly rises and falls as though sniffing. The broad mouth is covered in golden whiskers, which are occasionally bared to display powerful teeth and pointed fangs. The tiger is what I enjoy looking at the most. Smooth, leisurely steps on four sturdy legs. The tiger walks rhythmically, its entire body curving as softly as waves.

The tiger paused and turned around as he stepped onto the mountainside. The tiger’s body rises up the side of the mountain, its tail curled upward, and it appears incredibly majestic and lovely. It curled up behind the old tree and dozed off, but only for a little period of time. My father suggested that he could miss the mountains and trees in his own town.

In the zoo, I’ve seen people feeding it before. The barn was filled with large pieces of beef. The tiger lays down on top of the meat with its front paws on it and uses its teeth to easily cut enormous pieces of flesh in half with its razor-sharp fangs.

The tiger casually stood up after eating, walked to the stream to get some water, and then came back to curl up next to the tree. I enjoy observing tigers. The tiger, in my perspective, represents untamed mountains and woods, as well as natural power, beauty, and arrogance.

My mum gave me a trip to the zoo as a treat over the summer break. Each animal from the forest is something I look forward to seeing, but the elephant may be the one that piques my attention the most. While watching, I was reminded of strange recollections I had with elephant-themed cartoons.

How large are you, really? Mom told me not to play; you must weigh a couple tons. When I look at you, I picture a large structure. The four legs are comparable in size to a public pillar. The ear is also constantly fluttering like a fan.

My favorite is the long spout, which has numerous, extremely even circles and gets smaller toward the top. Under the enormous trunk, the muzzle is concealed and difficult to discern at first. The teeth had two jutting sharp, curled, shrimp-shaped fangs that gave off a beastly appearance. His lengthy, pliable tail is similar to his sister’s rattan whip. The skin is wrinkled and matches the color of the mud in the flooded fields, just like the strong, spherical physique.

He appears to eat strangely. He took up the meal first. Roll it up with the hose, then put it in your mouth. I can “shake hands, welcome adults, and do a lot of other things” thanks to that helpful faucet.

I felt bad when I left. I broke up with my uncle, but my heart was sad. Every good thing must come to an end. Mom promised to take you to the zoo every summer to view that wonderful elephant and other animals if you do well in school.

My father ran across an old buddy and former comrade last week. Dad questioned me: “This is my father’s buddy, who is today the owner of a famous horse farm,” after turning to face me after a while of conversation. He invited us to come see his farm today. Would you be willing to accompany me on a walk? Naturally, I agree. As I’ve longed to see and ride actual horses for a very long time, I prefer them to the wooden horses in the park.

There are a lot of good-looking, healthy horses on the property. My favorite, however, is the smooth, snow-white colored Bach Ma horse.

Wow, your fur is really lovely! as white as the wintery white clouds that float overhead. A straight, sleek mane is topped with two lovely, outstretched ears. Always open, eagle-shaped, and jutting forward like crocodile eyes, the eyes are furious. The long, always-wet nose twitched, appearing to have a cold. Arched breasts can be seen.

strong, tall legs. That sounds like a lot of fun to stroll around on four thick legs while clapping. The tail feathers are willowy and elegant. This horse is a powerhouse! Fly as quickly as you can gallop. Even walking up a steep slope feels like it’s in the middle of a plain while you’re riding the uncle. Now I can see why folks in the mountains use horses rather than motorbikes, motorbikes, etc. for mobility.

He was so powerful that I mistakenly believed he was a cartoon or fairy tale horse. The horse is really wonderful!

Because I am aware that you are an excellent bag-puller, like many other horsemen. Even though he was carrying a burden that must have weighed hundreds of thousands of pounds, he continued to move as effortlessly as if on air.

One day, the White Horse even drove his father and son into the woods where they spent the entire day and night telling fairy tales while listening to the birds sing and the wind whisper. Together with the rustling of leaves in the early morning sun, the murmuring stream sounds like it’s performing a joyful song.

People appear euphoric and yeast-intoxicated because there is so much of that and so much love in the world. The White Horse is like that for me—close, comfortable, and incredibly intelligent!

Above are 10 essays describing animals written by children selected and introduced by Do you feel the sincerity, sincerity and emotion from the above texts? Please send us the best articles about animals.

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